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About Us

PlatformXR is a US based team of VR and AR experts, dedicated to creating custom solutions across a wide range of industries. Our dynamic applications are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, from manufacturing and marketing to real estate development and tourism.


Our mission is to apply immersive technology to it's greatest potential, and partner with clients who need a capable development team for their custom purposed application or platform.

Project Showcase
AR technician tools

Evolving tools for the technician workforce


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Independent maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, training, and smart guidance, with a cloud infrastructure.

Augmented Reality Assisted Technician

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Custom Development

Custom UI & UX

Intuitive interfaces, custom to project needs.

VR training for manufacturing
augmented reality Social media

Cross-Platform Support

Any headset, mobile device,
or web application
Performance, optimization across all device hardware.

Graphics & Shader Scripting

One of the more technically complex aspects of 3D programming, and where most competitors fall short. A giant piece of the equation in terms of device performance/visual qualities.

VR event experiences
AR advertising

Campaign Integration

Connect to CRMs, Management Software, Social Media Campaigns,
Email Clients, Website, and most third party APIs 

Back-End, Data
& Analytics

User Statistics & Analytics with
your own client dashboard

VR travel experiences

Saving costs while
improving project outcomes.

Unity 3D development


"PlatformXR simplifies the process to get our needs met without the unnecessary bloating of projects that can come from large agency partnerships."

"highly responsive to questions and able to leverage their expertise efficiently, ensuring the best outcomes for us and our customers."

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- National Healthcare Provider

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Immersive treaining
augmented reality assembly
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XR specialists
architecture visualization
virtual reality property development
AR advertising
AR manufacturing
Custom VR Development_edited_edited.jpg

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