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AT&T partnered with us to create their VR and mobile showcase to garner greater engagement and audience participation at their annual business summit for 3 consecutive years. 

VR Showcase


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Use Case: Engagement

Showcase Attraction
VR can be used to create immersive and memorable experiences for events and conference attendees, allowing you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. At a glance global partners, business leaders, and ecosystem players can explore the key technological advancements of AT&T's innovation centers across the world.

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CG Globe Interface
Select a regional hub and learn about AT&T's new technologies between their innovation studios and most cutting edge developments. 
Watch video featurettes and step foot in real life facilities across the world with interactive 360 tours.

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360 Capture

Between each facility, land, and air, this project features over 70 panoramic images and videos in total.


To the Skies

Rigging helicopters with film production level 360 cameras, we captured stunning aerials in much higher definition than capable with drone-mounted 360 photography.

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Touring the Facilities
Sometimes VR tours are the best way to give a sense of presence and serve as a helpful way to become familiar with a space from anywhere.

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Menu Navigation
Tour facilities from the regional hub or select between various technologies. Revert back to the globe to select a new facility to explore. A custom 360 player was built specifically for fast streaming and scene loading due to the necessity for efficient information delivery in a short amount of time. 

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