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This passion project was designed to educate and engage youth to learn more about the technology and research endeavors of the actual Mars Perseverance Rover mission.

Mars Perseverance

Rover AR App

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Use Case: Education

AR for learning
AR provides an interactive and immersive experience that enhances users' understanding and retention of complex information.

Area Awareness
As you control the rover, the application is constantly updating it's perception of the real world surroundings. The rover will not travel through barriers or off ledges.

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Based on where the user is focused, different technological components of the rover glow, indicating interactivity. The user can explore and find interesting lessons this way.

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Upon selection, each module will reveal interactive segments designed to educate and engage further.

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Up Close

Detail of model and components are accurate and represented as on the real perseverance rover.

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Life-size Mode
Swap between the two views. Control the rover on a surface top, or walk around the life-sized version in your living room.

Actual Panoramic Imagery
NASA's own panoramic photography was incorporated. View a first hand perspective of what it's like on the surface of Mars.

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