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University of Oregon

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This self-guided, 360 experience gives you access to campus from anywhere.
Designed to be more dynamic and engaging than the typical 360 tour.


A custom platform for campus tours. 

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Use Case: Engagement

Built from the ground up, we made a custom platform for students to connect with Universities and Colleges in an interactive campus experience.

At the same time, this app serves as a platform for student updates, expansion, and CS educational material. 

Noteworthy Features

  • Modular Platform for Flexibility 

  • Usage Analytics Reporting

  • Cloud Infrastructure 

  • Custom Content Streaming System for Rapid Loading

  • #1 performing marketing campaign in 2019

Custom VR Development_edited_edited.jpg

Bird's Eye View
Offers a unique perspective giving students the ability to easily understand the campus layout and surrounding features in the region.

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Custom VR Development_edited_edited.jpg
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Completely Modular Platform
Videos, 360 content, and messaging can be swapped out continuously. This creates significant savings in future iterations, and a unique way for students to add and evolve the experience over time.

Added Engagement 
As a creative way to stand out and further connect with prospective students, the university ships branded, recyclable headsets to thousands of students a year. 

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Project Lifespan


Our VR tour platform has served the University of Oregon consecutively for 5 years and counting with over 100,000 users. 

Analytics Tracking 

Usage data for tracking where students are most interested, most popular areas of campus, and geographic insights



The University determined this project to be their #1 performing marketing campaign in 2019

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